"I just want to thank you once more for a great weekend. The Saturday performance was fantastic as usual and the 'jam session' later was the absolute best after party we've ever had."  Paul Pantaleo (Barefoot Children in the Sand, St. Joseph, MI)

"The band was fantastic!  Better than ever, if that’s possible.  Thank you for being so flexible and for reading the crowd so well." - Robert Williams, General Manager/COO, The Westmoreland Club 

"Outstanding show at Riddles in the Sand!!   Mark is one of the best drummers in the business.  And you play in the best band in the world.  Thank you for coming to Texas!!"  --Ken Stewart

"thank you guys for being so SUPER! It was a great night and a lot of the success goes to Jimmy and the Parrots! We’ll discuss a date for 2019 at our next meeting" -- Dave WIlson, Tavistock Country Club

"For me this was the best Boat Drinks ever.

I thought the show JATP put on was wonderful & I loved having little Jimmy too.

Please thank big Jimmy for a great show." -- Mary Ann Christmas, Delaware Seashore Parrot Head Club

"I just wanted to send over a quick note to thank you and the band for putting on an amazing performance and wonderful time for our 400+ person Derby Party this past Saturday. I truly love the energy of the band, the sound, and just the guys in general. Please forward them this email, because I want them to know how we feel at the Club!

We look forward to having them back for many more future parties. Our General Manager was right when he originally put us in touch and said this is a band we want to have at the Club!"  -- Jonathan Palmer (Member, Union League Club, New York, NY)

"You were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to future events here at the ULC!

The Derby was a major success, large in part to the Band!!" -- Evan Magdovitz, Union League Club, New York, NY

"I was very impressed with Jimmy and the Parrots. Great show and truly awesome musicians. They will be on my short list when tribute acts up in a conversation. Thanks again for everything."  ----Chris Hlasnick, Senior Manager of Consumer Events, Entertainment Department, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

"You know it's funny...the rule of thumb (so I've heard) is have a band once, if they're good you might have them back a second year but do not ever have them back 3 years in a row...who in the hell wrote that rule of thumb...someone that had never partied with JATP is my guess...

I've played music for over 50 years and I've never been around any entertainers that are so talented, accessible, charismatic and down to earth as they all are just the best...and, you're from New, you know we use that phrase 'get a rope' a lot here...but not for you...I think we'll make you honorary Texans this year."
RIchard Pressley
Riddles in Sand
Galveston Bay, TX  

"The band was absolutely amazing!!! Between the warm hugs when I saw you all on the balcony to keeping the reception at full blast the entire time...I couldn't have wished for anything more. The reason I wanted Jimmy and the Parrots for as the band for my reception is they know how to get the party going and keep it that way. Our wedding guests were absolutely blown away by them. They were so much fun!!!! I don't think I'll ever be able to thank you and the guys enough for making our reception one that is still being talked about by our guests and that was talked about all Saturday morning by the hotel staff. We actually had one of the waitresses tell us she was scheduled for our reception AND our breakfast the next morning so she was told to go home early. She didn't!! She wanted to stay and listen to the band! Incredible. The band was incredible, dealing with you the past year has been incredible."  

Liz and Tim Boyer

"Congratulations on another 'kick ass' show.  Every time I see you I think there is no way you can top the last show but you always surprise me. ....the show was fantastic AGAIN!!  When I get  home I'll be visiting the website so I can continue to follow the 'parrots' and 'the best show on earth!!.'"

Ron Wunsch

"First time seeing you guys, and it won't be the last. You guys were great !!! We expected a lot of Buffett covers, which you did really well, but all the other music was awesome and the show itself had so much energy, if people who were there weren't dancing, they didn't have a pulse !!  Thanks again for a great show, hope to see you soon somewhere on the east coast...."

Stan and Jen Alexion

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great evening of entertainment in Bethany Beach this past Saturday. At 66 years of age I was transported back to my 20's, and thanks to all of your energy I was energized. You can work a crowd with the best of them."

Lee Fiddler
Allen, MD

"You guys were FANTASTIC last night! I enjoyed your music sooooo much!   I have never been to a gig where the crowd was into having a great time right from the beginning (I am sure the mango magaritas helped a bit!) as you had the guests last night. Thanks for a great time!"


"Thank you for a great time at the Buffett weekend in Shillington. JT and I enjoyed your music and were glad that we drove from Gettysburg to hear you for the first time to celebrate our 34th anniversary. You are a great band and great people. Thanks for a memorable time"


"Jimmy, thanks to you, Jimmy Jr, and the rest of the Parrots for a great show yesterday at the Sawmill. I never get tired of hearing the same songs when you and the band do your versions. The stage presence and theatrics are always a crowd pleaser and personal favorites of ours. We look forward to the next time we can hear Jimmy and the Parrots."

Thanks again.
Randy Scott

"We had a great time partying with you guys & you put on a great show. The reviews after were great everyone loved the show. Hope you can come back again sometime. Remember if you ever come up this way you have friends here in Great Falls, Montana."

Roger Lown

"I didn't get to talk to you after the reception, but I wanted to let you know that you guys were AWESOME last night!!! If I wasn't already married I would totally line you up to be my wedding band. It was so much fun being with good friends and singing/dancing/drinking to my favorite music all night long. (The lost verse to Margaritaville was a nice touch.)

Thanks for making the evening so much fun! See you soon!"


"You guys did a FANTASTIC job at Meeting of the Minds. We had a unbelievably good time in the audience. The look on Jimmy's face when the cop came on stage was priceless. You put on a show to be remembered for years to come.

Come back to Paradise, please."

Rick & Carolyn Booth
Tulsa, OK/Naples, FL

"Hey Guys! What a weekend show!! I'm new to your band, and I'm so glad that I got to hear/see you guys!! Maybe next time you guys can pick it up a little!!! Honestly, you were all AWESOME. Thanks for givng me life time memories!!"

Rick Parkhurst

"You guys really rocked at Migration 2008. Without a doubt, you guys were the hit of the weekend. Tons of energy and fun was had by all. looking forward already to seeing you next year. That is unless you get to Southern California before that."

Jim Napora

"I just wanted to say again on behalf of all my friends that were at your show in Vegas, you guys "All ROCK"! We all had a fantastic time hanging out listening to your music & dancing around. We just wish it went on longer. We will have to get you out West more often. You're a great change."

Scott Post
Las Vegas

"I just discovered your music. I'm a parrot lover and when I saw your Box with a wonderful parrot embossed I just can't resist to buy it!!!

What a surprise to me! I love your music, your CD's are always running.

Good job."

Marlyne Lessard from Rouyn-Noranda (Quebec) CANADA

"I just want to thank every band member for making my son Connor's night! As parrothead members, Connor had seen you perform many times. He is always entertaining the family and states "I'm going to sing with Jimmy and the Parrots someday!" As parents of this 7 year old, we just yes him to death, knowing that this will never happen. Boy were we wrong! What a wonderful thing you have done. It is not often that we come across entertainers that are truly nice people and are willing to accomodate a little boy's dream. My husband and I are taking Jimmy's advise and signing him up for guitar lessons."

Sherilynn & Steven Budd

"Jimmy & The Parrots got rave reviews from our Club and guests. You guys made the night so much fun. I just love all of the energy the band has, made it so much fun to get up on that dance floor and stay up there all night!"

Barb Cook
President, Steel City Fins Parrot Head Club
Allison Park, PA

"Jimmy & the Parrots played all day long and it was by far the best time in the parking lot I have ever had. (I have been going to these concerts for like 12 years now.)  The band was awesome to say the least.....Not only did they play great
music....but they interacted with the crowd.....which made it so much more fun. Better than any other "cover" band I
have ever seen. Please thank them for a great time."

Irene DeGiosio

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for last night's performance in Binghamton. We had such a wonderful time! My daughter has been talking non-stop about her "best birthday" and as I shut off the lights on the sleepover the girls were giggling and whispering that Jimmy and the Parrots are the best band EVER! I can't thank you enough for making my daughter feel so special on her birthday. It's all of those small things you do that make you everyone's favorite. Jimmy, your acoustic version of Nautical Wheelers played just for Mason and I is one of those memories I'll hold forever. Just me and my little guy dancing to our favorite JB song. What can I say?! Thank you thank you thank you! We can't wait to see you all again!"

Joanne Merriam

"The guys were so wonderful, I will use them many times over! So warm and friendly and interactive, the guest absolutely loved them!"

Sherrie Bailey
Uptown Creations

"Honest to God, I loved Jimmy & the Parrots more than anybody I saw all weekend. And as you know, everybody else was great too! The energy on stage, the sound, the songs, everything, loved it! Can't wait to see them again sometime in the future."

Dennis "DK" King
Island Time Radio Show, WBWC 88.3 FM
Berea, OH

"The band worked out great!"
Diana Ferrito
Producer, Scott and Todd Morning Show, 95.5 WPLJ
New York, NY

"The band was phenomenal!!! My members are still talking about their performance and can't wait to have them back."

Jeff Spagna
General Manager, The Country Club of Scranton
Clarks Summit, PA

"A band has to be great when the first thing that comes to my mind is, "Hey, I gotta take my brother out to this!!!".

Robert Eric (Billy Joel Tribute)

"Great show on Friday night. Talk about high energy. I’ve received numerous favorable comments from people who were there taking in the tunes."

Don Wickman
Marketing/Special Events Coordiantor, Downtown Rutland Partnership
Rutland, VT

"I have been a parrothead since I was 7 years old when I first heard Jimmy sing Margaritaville. I have also been listening to people playing Jimmy’s music for about that long and I will tell you hands down that you guys are THE BEST!"

Brian Napier
Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for an excellent night! I tip my sombrero to you all."

"Uncle Phil" Wilson
Coventry, CT

"Triumph had the best night we've had all winter."

Roxanne Klett
Entertainment Manager, Triumph Brewing Company
New Hope, PA

”You guys were a huge hit at the wedding. Thank you for playing and for singing my dad’s and my song. It was unforgettable.”

Jeff and Kelly Croce Sorg
Key West, FL

"Jimmy and The Parrots were fabulous. Guests of all ages were dancing in place, moving and grooving as they walked around the show. I even noticed that the catering staff was choreographing their food and drink service to the beat.

One senior executive at PNC commented to me that she thought it was the best Flower Show Dinner yet because of the band -- she thought Jimmy and The Parrots made the party. That is quite a compliment considering PNC has been doing this event for 15 years.

It was a pleasure working with you all. "

Barbara Sheehan
Sheehan Events
West Chester, PA

"Jim, you are a great entertainer and musician. I love music and l adore a truly fun show. You exude both!! Your smile and voice are both equally unique and incredible. Thank you for bringing your talent to the Keys... I appreciated the hospitality and energy you and Jimmy display on stage. What a wonderful atmosphere. I stood in awe at the connection and harmony.

Thanks again for a FABULOUS experience!"

Debbie Kirk

"The accolades from the Harveys Lake Yacht Club members keep rolling in. We had a member tell us that in 27 years he had not seen or had so much fun at a party at the club. You all have a wonderful energy and zest for fun and life."

Marianne and John Turosky
Official Shipwreck Coordinators, Harveys Lake Yacht Club
Dallas, PA

"Our Beach Party was a success, and we'd like to personally extend our thanks to you and the members of Jimmy and the Parrots for providing us with the music to guide our night along. We estimate more than 550 people attended this year's inaugural event. Your upbeat attitude and harmony kept the event running smoothly. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of you and congratulate you on a job well done!"

Lisa O'Neill
Ocean County Parks and Recreation Department
Toms River, NJ

"My girlfriend and I are Jimmy Buffett fans and we've heard other performers try to sing his songs, but we both feel Jimmy and the guys are by far the best. Jimmy has a great voice, Jimmy Jr. rocks on the guitar, Hal's awesome on the bass and Lance is just outstanding on the drums. I have the band's schedule and we're planning on being at Vanderbilts hopefully every Thursday the guys are there."

John Spiessbach
Florham Park, NJ

"Ohmygod you and the band were absolutely fantastic tonight! We just got back home from seeing you perform at Musikfest and I couldn't wait to let you know how great you guys were. We say "who needs Jimmy Buffett?--THIS Jimmy is just as good! You really got the crowd going--such energy--I felt like I was at a JB concert, minus the tailgating. Thank you SO much for a wonderful evening!"

Lynn and Bob Miller